“Learning as I go” feels like just the right title for my blog and for my life:  I’m fairly new to WordPress, and I often feel new to my own life and how it unfolds inside my head.   No matter how familiar I think I am with my own thoughts and my own experiences of the past and present, when I put those thoughts and experiences on paper and really start to explore them, I’ll discover something surprising or intriguing or even, sometimes, unsettling…and I’ll learn in the process.

Now and then I’ll be writing about being a parent (I have three kids, all young adults) or a wife (I’ve been married for more than 30 years) or a teacher (my subject is seventh grade English).  Sometimes I’ll write about what it’s like to be a parent of a child who tells you he’s gay, and whose family then falls apart because she really made a mess of things for few years.  Sometimes I’ll share posts I wrote when I had cancer.

Often, I’ll share pieces I write about my childhood–a childhood which, like most childhoods, was happy and sad all mixed up together.  Here’s the thing:  I don’t expect people to want to know about my sixth grade year at Joslin Elementary when Mark was jealous that I had all the new James Blish Star Trek books, or to be curious about what Rocky said to me on the playground at Shenandoah that day and how it scared me a little, or to care much about how my friends and I used to walk to the corner store to buy Fire Stix and ropes of apple bubble gum—but I do think our childhoods have common themes that unify our different stories, and that there is a thrill that comes in recognizing those common bonds in the memories of another person.

Mostly, I’ll just write about me and what I’ve been turning over in my head recently, and then I’ll go and read about you :- )

We’re all learning as we go.