Dinner has been made, eaten, leftovers put away. The dishes are now done, the counters wiped. The floor is swept, the lights turned out.

And all thanks to my wonderful husband, who takes care of these duties the vast majority of week nights. He understands that for nine months of the year, I bring work home…that I spend a couple of hours a night responding to student writing, connecting with parents or other educators, and creating lessons and compositions of my own.

It’s part of the job of being a middle school English teacher, and it doesn’t leave as much time in the evening as he has for household chores. So, he figures it’s only fair that he take care of the cleaning at night. I’m very grateful!

Bless him, he can’t do anything about my share of the bedroom mess. It’s one day before Spring Break, and I haven’t taken the time in two weeks of school grading/blogging/planning/reading/writing to put ANYTHING away. The sitting area between bed and master bath has been my staging ground for getting ready for work/evening work/sleep/work and nothing more. Clothes, shoes, book bags and ? are piled on chairs. On the desk are unopened mail, folders of income tax stuff, unopened packages of toiletries and who-knows-what I bought but haven’t had time to put away, and magazines I bought at the grocery store but haven’t had time to read.

Then there’s the master bath. Poor hubby has not an inch of counter space left. He couldn’t clean in there if he wanted to, because my arsenal of hair products and curlers and make-up and contacts and cleansers and creams is spread out everywhere. There’s also yesterday’s breakfast plate (hubby cooks bacon and eggs for us; I eat on the run as I race to get ready) and some diet Coke cans.

I’m telling you, the bedroom is a wreck. I don’t even wanna think about my closet. It’s a horror of more clothes and laundry that I just don’t have time inclination to do. If I’m not working on the weekend, I’m spending a couple of hours reading or writing outside or hanging out with the family. Sometimes we watch a movie together and I actually WATCH the movie, no student essays or papers in my lap!

Yep. Spring Break is a day away. Then I will attack this bedroom and clean it like my husband cleans the rest of the house!