Wrote a class blog post (based on student input) on each of last three days. Will tweet tonight’s finished post with morning classes after we green light the final wording together.

Read and responded to student blog posts to finish grading period 7…one hundred thirty or so kids total teaching load each day, all of them blogging each week.

Looked over blogs of twenty kids I’ve volunteered to mentor for upcoming blogging challenge. Did not comment yet, as I had Writer’s Notebooks to grade tonight.

Micro blogged with Day One app for personal commitment to diet, exercise, and mindfulness.

Last night, participated in Twitter chat about blogging (among other things).

Blog, blog, blog…! Whew.

But I love it. Wouldn’t give it up. Just sayin’ that if I’m quiet here, it’s likely that I’m blogging/writing/communicating somewhere else and will be back within a day or two 🙂